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Oct 12
Charlie Guest, MPI-spnsored Winter Olympics hopeful, will make a special guest appearance on the MPI stand at The Telgraph Ski and Snowboard Show.
Oct 12
Results of our 'Save the Seaonaire' survey will alert the government to the importance of the Posted Workers Directive or a similar arrangement after Brexit.  
Oct 12
Don’t be surprised by higher travel and other insurance premiums. UK providers are under mounting pressure from more and larger claims and bigger injury awards.
Oct 12
British travellers abroad are reportedly making more ‘dodgy’ claims for food poisoning, upsetting resort managers and unsettling the package holiday market.
Oct 12
A basic understanding of insurance is an essential life skill that should be shared with all young people as they near the end of their schooldays.
Oct 02
Following the sad news that Monarch Airlines have filed for administration, we clarify below the insurance position under MPI’s Insurance schemes together with other options available to…
Sep 26
If you are heading for the mountains and a season in the snow, possibly with some work thrown in, welcome to the ranks of the seasonaires!
Aug 30
It’s turning into a great year for Team Thompson Sailing, the four MPI sponsored brothers with sights firmly set on the footsteps of the Team GBR greats.
Aug 30
With 149 young sailors in more than 100 boats across eight fleets, this year's Bosham Junior Week got off to a great start in near-perfect weather conditions.
Aug 18
Following the recent terrorist attacks in Barcelona, MPI has been receiving questions about insurance cover:
Aug 19
After a great week of racing and fun at Bosham Sailing Club, here are some images of the prize-giving...
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