'Dodgy tummies' claims unsettle travel market

Thursday, 12 October 2017
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British travellers abroad are reportedly making more ‘dodgy’ claims for food poisoning, upsetting resort managers and unsettling the package holiday market.

Recent press reports suggest unscrupulous claims management companies are encouraging tourists to file claims against their tour operators, which is not helping Britain’s reputation abroad.

Hoteliers in Spain say their industry has been hit by more than £50 million in claims for an ‘illness’ that in genuine cases is usually short-lived and difficult to prove.

Some reports quote a 50-fold increase in claims. Others point to a 700% rise in Mallorca. It is estimated that 90% are bogus.

When a British family took a leading holiday company to court over a claim, it was ruled that the claimants had simply not suffered food poisoning. Instead, they now face a fraud investigation.

MPI says cases of food poisoning severe enough to warrant emergency medical treatment might be covered by travel insurance. Surprisingly, there have been very few claims.

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