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Ski & Snowboard

On or off-piste, from 3 days to 12 months, we are well known for our expertise and long history in the field of Ski/Snowboard Insurance.

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Our award winning policies are specially designed for skiers and snowboarders from experience gained over many years, by understanding the requirements of those who enjoy snowsports and mountain life.

We understand the implications of skiing off piste (intentionally or unwittingly) and therefore do not exclude off piste skiing. More details about this can be found in our policy wording.

We also appreciate certain actions cannot really be avoided, such as leaving your skis/boards outside a mountain restaurant, or sneaking through a snowpark for a quick jump. Therefore there are no exclusions regarding snowparks or loss of skis up a mountain.

Ski Seasonaires

Whether it's bar work, cooking, skiing or other activities, we have the perfect seasonaire ski travel insurance for you.

Our wintersports seasonaire cover provides cover for skiing or snowboarding on or off-piste (with our without a guide), local ski racing and skiing in snow parks plus, of course, working cover*.

Plus there is now cover for your liability when ski hosting, leading or teaching in a voluntary capacity and babysitting in a private capacity.

* There is no personal liability cover whilst working, as this should be covered by an employer and might be a good idea to check.

Ski Racing

There is also cover under our Wintersports policies for amateur ski racing, a description of this is below:-

Ski races covered including training and practice:-

Masters, Inferno, Inter-Club Championships, Parsen Derby, Inter Livery Ski Championships, Interforce Divisional Championships (Army, Navy, Air Force), English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish competitions and children’s national championships

Ski racing not included – can be considered on application:-

Combined Services, British Nationals, and any other International races for the British Team

Key Features

Listed below are some of the key features of our Snowsports policies and service:

  • Single Trip, Seasonaire, Annual Multi Trip and Long Stay options
  • A choice of three packages
  • Emergency Medical Expenses up to £5 million
  • 24-hour Emergency Medical Assistance incl. Repatriation
  • Mountain rescue (including by helicopter)
  • Local ski racing (incl. Inferno, junior training) and masters
  • Off Piste skiing or snowboarding (with or without a guide)
  • Snowpark cover
  • Skis left outside a mountain restaurant
  • Personal liability (including voluntary ski hosting)
  • Working cover under Seasonaire and Long Stay policies

Do also remember to take your EHIC or GHIC with you on all European trips; it doesn’t replace Travel Insurance, but it should be used together with Insurance and be carried on you at all times. Click here for more information on EHIC and GHIC and how to apply for it for free.

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Do you have an existing medical condition?

We will ask series of questions pertaining to the last 12 months. You can continue your purchase with the conditions excluded, or, if you would prefer to ask underwriters to cover your condition(s), please ask for a Medical Screening form.

The outcome will be one of:

1) Full cover for your declared condition(s)
2) Cover with an increased excess for your declared condition(s) 
3) No cover for your declared condition(s) More Information