Thursday 12 April, 2018

Charlie Guests Olympic Journey - Part 1

Q&A with the MPI Sponsored Olympian Charlie Guest. We talked about all things Olympics and what the future holds for Charlie.

Olympian Charlie Guest returned home for a few days break between training, after her 37 day trip in Asia and we were so excited to catch up with her to find out what next on the agenda for her. MPI sponsored Charlie is one of the record 59 athletes who competed, as part of Team GB, at the Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang this February.

We’re sure it felt a long time coming, but how did it feel when you were at the start gates?

"This was the most surreal moment of my life so far. This is what I’ve been working for ever since I knew what the winter Olympics were. I was so excited to be a part of 2018’s Team GB and I wanted to do everyone proud who had supported me. "

Are the opening and closing ceremonies as amazing, as they come across from a spectator’s point of view?

"I actually didn’t attend the opening ceremony, I had a really early training session to attend. It was a really tricky decision to make, but we all discussed it and decided that it was right that we got some rest. The closing ceremony blew me away, we all had so much fun jumping around together in the middle dancing. It was really sad to see the flame go out, to mark the end of a life changing two weeks."

Was the atmosphere different to other competitions?

"100%, usually we don’t mingle with other disciplines, as our paths simply do not cross. There is some sort of external stigma built up between freestylers and alpine skiers, which is totally not the case and it was amazing getting to know all of our fellow snow athletes. The games gave me a chance to put a face to a name and really get to know and get behind all of the other athletes. I went and watched Billy Morgan at his medal presentation, which was massively inspiring and was awesome to see such a humble guy standing on an Olympic podium. It has served a massive inspiration for Beijing 2022. Also, inside the village, everyone is in the same position, supporting one another throughout all of their events which makes it really easy to relate to one another and make really good friends."

What were the conditions like in Pyeong Chang?

"The conditions were great and the organisers did a fantastic job, however a lot of the snow was artificial and the race course was really aggressive. I had to make a lot of changes to my set up, it’s so different to anything we race in Europe."

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions?

"I wouldn’t say it’s your average superstitious pre-race ritual but I have a certain structure on race days. I wake up and before anything I do some activation and stretching loosely based around Pilates, followed by mobility and core work, then I go and have some breakfast. Once you get to the course, everyone has their own warm up routine and drills so everything is very familiar and doesn’t differ from any other day. The only thing that could be a superstition, would be that I felt very ‘off’ about wearing the new branded thermals. I felt much more comfortable in my old Adidas thermals."

What was the athletes’ village like?

"The food hall was one of my favourite places. You could get any food at any time of the day or night, it was an incredibly sociable place. There were always other athletes in there and it was great to just have the time sometimes to sit and chat to people. The Village had everything in there that you would need – so there was no need to really venture outside of it. There were games rooms which had PlayStations, massage chairs and foosball tables. You could even get your eyes tested, teeth checked out, haircut, nails done and new insoles for your shoes if you felt so inclined"

Do you get to keep your Team GB kit?

"Yes we do. A couple of us couldn’t make the ‘kitting out’, because we were away at the World Cup - we got sent huge packages with all different sizes with everything you could possibly need. From our official Team GB formal suit and heels, to our catsuits and thermals. I still have about 10 tshirts in the packaging."

More to come on Charlie’s time at the Olympics, in Part 2 later this month…

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